About Me

I am a young professional living on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. I am a young traveler who has decided to quit my job, grab a backpack, and hit the road on a one-way ticket to Europe. I am a proud Third-Culture-Kid and Army Brat with an eternal wanderlust.  Ask me where I’m from, watch me get flustered. Some of my earliest memories involve playing “hotel” with my older brother – its kind of like  playing “house” but for kids who have a complicated and transient concept of what “home” should be. Speaking of homes, I’ve had 14 of them – not including the homes of my six lovely host families who have welcomed me across South Africa, Tanzania, and Costa rica.  I was once a student of Global Justice and African Studies, which is just about as ambiguous as it sounds. I love the way train stations, bus stations, and airports feel.  I love the sea (I think its the Greek in me), and I’ve been known to sift through boxes of old photographs for hours. I have a map and a compass and I’m not afraid to use them, but my greatest discoveries always happen when I’m lost.



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